ORF Universum nature & wildlife programs score at German Screenings

Leipzig, December 2nd, 2015

The 40th edition of German Screenings from November 29th to December 2nd, marks a great success for ORF-Enterprise.

ORF-Enterprise scores with award-winning documentaries
The UNIVERSUMs blue-chip nature & wildlife documentaries “Making an Ancient Forest – Kalkalpen National Park” winner of the Golden Dolphin 2015, the brand-new 4K documentary “Dolomites - In the Heroes' Garden” and spectacular “Waterland Warriors - The Beavers are back” have been picked by RAI and SRF and will soon air in Italy and Switzerland.
RAI also decided on Emmy Awards 2015 nominee “Africa’s Wild West - Stallions of the Namib Desert”.

RAI Bozen selected among several other factual titles the UNIVERSUM highlights “Dolomites - In the Heroes' Garden”, the historical highlight “Lost City of the Gladiators” and the amazing nature documentary “Garden Wild!”.

RCS-RDS will conclude a deal over a selection of 100 hours of ORF’s wide-range factual portfolio that will soon be aired in Romania. Ushuaia (France) opted for the amazing UNIVERSUM two-parter “Zambezi – The Thundering River”. The documentary highlights “Gingerbread Journeys” and “Voices of Transition” have been sold to HRT (Croatia). The historical documentary “Occupation Children” goes to Histoire (France) and RTS (Switzerland).

High-profile on ORF Fiction
The TV movies “Irene's Dark Secret” and “Father’s Day” have been selected by RAI Bozen.

GlobalStar concluded a deal comprising the romantic TV-series “White Beauty” and various folk music clips. The enthralling fiction specials “Shooting Star” and “The Art of War” have been sold to RTV (Slovenija) and TV2 (Denmark).

Marion Camus-Oberdorfer, Head of Content Sales International: “As every year German Screenings was the ideal place to meet our clients in a very comfortable atmosphere to conclude considerable deals before the year closes. We are very pleased to have the honor of opening a new area of this notable market, by organizing German Screenings 2016, together with our partners Global Screen, Studio Hamburg and Deutsche Welle in Graz, Austria.”

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