SKY RIVER OF THE HIMALAYAS - CCTV10 and ORF sign co-production agreement

Vienna, April 14th 2015

Today at 15.30 am at the ORF stand at MIPTV 2015 in Cannes, ORF and CCTV10 celebrate the start of production of the major 3-Part blue chip Wildlife series “SKY RIVER OF THE HIMALAYAS”.

Vice President Tang Shiding (CITVC) and Zhang Lynn (CITVC - CHPNEC), CEO Alexander Wrabetz and CFO Richard Grasl of ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) and Managing Director Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder (ORF-Enterprise), officially signed the co-production agreement in the presence of Andrew Solomon, Head of ORF Natural History Unit and Coproducers Arte France (Hélène Coldéfy), ZDF (Peter Arens) and coproducing film production companies pre tv, DreiD.at and EOS Films.

SKY RIVER OF THE HIMALAYAS, the first international coproduction of ORF and CCTV10, unites, with Arte France and ZDF, four major public broadcasters in this spectacular 4K story of the waterway that flows through Earth’s every climate zone, and shapes the lives of more than a billion people. YARLUNG TSANGPO, BRAHMAPUTRA and JAMUNA are the names it shares, as it transforms in size and character on its way from the Roof of the World to its gigantic delta in the Bay of Bengal.

Gliding across the Tibetan High Plateau in China beside racing Chiru antelopes, the river rushes into the world’s deepest and longest gorge, broadens to nurture the majestic wildlife of India’s Assam, and splits into innumerable shifting channels as the Himalayan silt it carries reshapes Bangladesh, lowest-lying country in the world, home to mangrove forests and man-eating tigers. In the Bay of Bengal its evaporating waters are blown back to the north west, back to the roof of the world, to fall as snow on glaciers and become the first trickle that will renew the great hemispheric engine of the Monsoon.

UNIVERSUM’s tradition of stunning, high-technology wildlife and landscape photography - including areas and species that may never have been filmed before – is brought fully to bear in this three-part 4K series. The river also brings life to an extraordinary variety of human communities, which will feature through their relationships with the animals and with the land. We are especially proud to be working so closely with our colleagues at CCTV10, whose unique knowledge of the films’ locations will help bring unprecedented images to viewers across the world. And we are equally appreciative of the confidence and creative cooperation shown by our two major European broadcast partners, Arte France and ZDF, in coproducing SKY RIVER OF THE HIMALAYAS.

Length: 3 x 52’
Format: 4K, Dolby 5:1
Directed by: Klaus Feichtenberger, Jeremy Hogarth, Heinz Leger
Produced by: pre tv (Nikolaus Wisiak), drei-D.at (Lukas Kogler) and EOS Films (Shuyun Sun) for ORF, CCTV10, Arte France and ZDF
Distribution: ORF Enterprise; CITVC (Asia and Africa)
Delivery: Spring 2017

For more information feel free to contact:
Ms. Kordula Prenner: kordula.prenner@orf.at


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