All eyes on VOD - ORF launches German speaking VOD-platform Flimmit

Vienna, 18th March 2015

Austrian public broadcaster ORF announced a joint-venture with the Austrian VOD-portal Flimmit on Monday Mach 16th in Vienna.

With the implementation of this new cooperation ORF will meet the upcoming demand for nonlinear, online content and secures its leading role in this new, fast growing market sector.

Flimmit is the biggest independent VOD-provider in Austria and as an innovative startup company distributes over 4.000 films, documentaries, TV-Series, art-house, independent and niche films. With Flimmit the Austrian broadcaster intends to provide an exclusive selection of German Speaking and European premium movies, series and documentaries, with high European and national recognition value and act as a counterbalance to mainstream American VOD-platforms.

The portals’ main emphasis on the supply and distribution of European respectively Austrian content makes a contribution to strengthen the European VOD-industry against foreign competitors and generates a multimedia hot-spot for information and interaction between European content buyers, media experts and international partners. Austrian film and TV-productions conquer a new market field, adding up refinancing possibilities.

ORF-Enterprise Managing Director Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder is confident, “With this new Joint Venture ORF-Enterprise has a new and very efficient distribution channel for its catalog. ORF productions will be made accessible to a broad audience and can provide additive utilization opportunities for producers. Thereby ORF can position itself in a nonlinear field as an attractive, innovative partner supporting the success of productions “Made-in-Austria”.”

For more information: www.flimmit.com

For more information feel free to contact:
Ms. Kordula Prenner: kordula.prenner@orf.at


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