ORF-Enterprise successfully concludes MIPCOM DEALS

ORF-Enterprise, the commercial subsidiary company of Austrian Pubcaster ORF, successfully concludes MIPCOM DEALS – ORF’s series “Fast Forward” formidably runs on Italian TV, as well as in Russia and Germany – “Four Women and a Funeral” sells to Germany and Hungary.

ORF's premium natural history documentary series UNIVERSUM wins Jackson Hole award with “Radioactive Wolves”.

In Italy, ORF series “Fast Forward” airs on LA7, Telecom Italia being the first who is exposing the successful Austrian series to Italian public.

“Four Women and a Funeral”, thanks to its brilliant cast, is one of ORF’s sales-highlights, which will be aired in Germany and Hungary soon.

Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary have also acquired a taste for “Austrian Film” – more than 1.500 hours have been sold to national broadcasters.

More than 10 nations acquired new episodes of the well-known natural history documentary series UNIVERSUM, among them the outstanding documentary RADIOACTIVE WOLVES, a film on wolves living in the radioactive region of Chernobyl which suffered a nuclear catastrophe on April 26, 1986.

Mr. Andrew Solomon, new Head of UNIVERSUM, proudly received the Jackson Hole Award for “Best Wildlife Habitat” for this extraordinary film. ORF’s wide range of thematic reports and documentaries as always inspired the market, packages could be sold to Russia, Finland, Iran and Germany
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