ORF's Suburbia - Women on the Edge starts with season 4

Picture: ORF/Thomas Ramstorfer

More drama, intrigues and new housewives: ORF's Suburbia - Women on the Edge starts with season 4

Austria's most famous housewives are back and the dramedy continues. The ten brand new episodes of season 4 promise a lot of humor, drama and a twisted story about hidden family secrets, exceptional funeral ceremonies and blue pills in the notorious suburbs of Vienna. The story continues one year after the thrilling finale of the third season: The life in the suburbs has calmed down and the four women have got their lives back on track. But it would be terribly boring if everything were to run smoothly and so the housewives are coping with the crumbling facade of their upper-scale suburban lives. In this new season, women's power will be enhanced by five new protagonists, who joined the cast as new housewives.

Season 4 of "Suburbia - Women on the Edge" premiered on ORF this September. Previous seasons have been picked by ARD (Germany), SRF (Switzerland), TV4 (Hungary), MVS Net (Latin America) and Olympusat (USA), presenting the drama-rich lives of the Viennese high-society ladies to their audiences.
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