ORF-Enterprise scores with Austrian crime movites at MIPTV 2019

Picture: ORF/Hubert Mican

3 new crime-movies from ORF's successful hit-show "TATORT/Scene of the Crime" strand join the line that will soon become available to the Italian audience featuring thrilling and highly relevant criminal cases. ORF-Enterprise has already licensed 26 episodes of ORF's award-winning crime movie series to the broadcaster "Discovery Italia" in 2017 and 2018 which aired on GIALLO and generated remarkable audience shares in Italian TV. The successful Viennese investigators are also to be found on channels and platforms in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Iran, Ukraine and the USA.

"Scene of the Crime" adds up to a line-up of fictional content from Austria, including the newest addition - an ORF original TV-Series - "Walking on Sunshine" which premieres at MIPTV 2019.

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