Wild Austria - Created by Water
Year: 2018
Run-Time: 1 x 50 min.

Directed by Rita & Michael Schlamberger

A Co-Production of ScienceVision, ORF, NDR Naturfilm/doclights and ARTE in association with ORF Enterprise, supported by Cine Styria, Land Oberösterreich, Oberösterreich Tourismus, Land Niederösterreich, Land Kärnten Kultur, Carinthia Film Commission and
Available worldwide except for France and Germany

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (DUBBED) , French (DUBBED) , German (SUB TITLE)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9

Wild Austria - Created by Water

Österreich - Die Kraft des Wassers

Part 1: White Water, Blue Water

Part 2: The Flow of Time

Austria's Alpine glaciers, ancient seas and mighty rivers have carved out giant mountains, caves and lakes - key to its wildlife today. Eagles, ibex, marmots and deer are iconic, but there are other, stranger creatures: Goosander ducks breed in hollows high in trees. Just a day old, long before they can fly, the newly-hatched ducklings must leap up to ten meters to join their mother in the brook below. Through glacier melt, via waterfalls,streams and lakes, water finds its way downstream, creating habitats for lynx, wolves and foxes, but also owls, bats, frogs, dragonflies and water birds. They all find their home in Austria's unforgettable landscapes, created by water's endless cycle and ever-changing forms.

Austria's world-famous bird sanctuary, Lake Neusiedl, has its secrets. Hiding in the reeds, the cuckoo conceals his intentions well, fooling some birds - but not all - into bringing up its demanding and murderous offspring. Austria - Created by Water melds overwhelming spectacle with minature high drama in a portrait of a country where water in all its forms brings beauty - and life.

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