The Ice Trap - The Tegetthoff's Arctic Odyssey
Year: 2003
Run-Time: 1 x 89 min.

Directed by Helmut Voitl
Written by Elisabeth Guggenberger

Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (DUBBED) , French (DUBBED)
Format: 16:9

The Ice Trap - The Tegetthoff's Arctic Odyssey

Die Eisfalle - Die arktische Odyssee der Tegetthoff

The «Franz Josef Land» archipelago was discovered in 1873 by an Austrian polar expedition. This 90-minute special illustrates the achievements and sacrifices of the ship's 24 crew members from Istria, Dalmatia, Italy, Hungary, Bohemia and Austria. Trapped in the ice, the Tegetthoff drifted northward, farther north than any human being had ever ventured before. Captain Carl Weyprecht's decision to abandon the doomed ship and begin the long trek over the pack-ice back through Siberia led to one of the most spectacular achievements of a team in international polar history.
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