Pumpkins - Old Myths and Liquid Gold
Year: 2005
Run-Time: 1 x 43 min.

Directed by Gerald Navara
Written by Gerald Navara

A co-production of Interspot Film and ORF
Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9

Pumpkins - Old Myths and Liquid Gold

Kürbiskult - Alte Mythen und flüssiges Gold

The pumpkin as a cultivated plant comes in a very special quality. From a botanical point of view, it is the world's largest berry. Aficionados call the pumpkin «King of the Garden». Through hundreds of years of cultivation, many different forms and varieties have evolved. Today, the pumpkin has turned into an object of cult. Many myths, rites and religions, who have survived through the millenniums, refer to it. In everyday life, pumpkins are found in various forms: as a versatile food with many «talents», as the centre of countless artistic displays and as object of worship.

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