A Glass of Milk a Day
Year: 2015
Run-Time: 1 x 45 min.

Scherlofksy, Nina
Scherlofksy, Nina

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9

A Glass of Milk a Day

Milch - Um jeden Preis

Farmers currently receive 30 cents for a liter of milk, mineral water is often more expensive in supermarkets. The fresh milk pack is often squandered by 60 cents. Never before has milk been so cheap and never had the farmers got so little money for your work. However, the true effects of the often emotionally led milk price debts are mainly felt by the cows. The annual milk yield of the animals has risen rapidly. From about 2000 liters in 1960, to today well over 10,000 liters.
And while the large trading chains and dairies are still applying their products with an alpine pasture-cow idyll, the reality of the animals is a completely different one. Scarcely a dairy cow can graze in a meadow, hardly a dairy cow keep their horns.
To give one liter of milk, high-breed races must pump nearly 400 liters of blood through their udders. Walter Obritzhauser, a Styrian cattle expert, says: "It is an incredible physical performance that provides a dairy cow, which is permanent high-performance sport."
With grass and hay, as dictated by nature for millennia, the dairy cow can not achieve any special benefits. Today, elaborate concoctions from the research departments of international corporations provide for the daily food.
The modern cow eats grain, rapeseed, soy, protein, amino acids and not infrequently even coconut, or palm fat. And because even the highly cultured dairy cow does not readily tolerate this kind of food, the animals are almost permanently in danger and are regularly treated with antibiotics.
Almost one third of all dairy cows land in a slaughterhouse annually because they have become ill and thus uneconomical. Klaus Dutzler went on a search through the whole of Austria to explore how the high-performance cow really is.
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