Job Description: Prostitution
Year: 2009
Run-Time: 1 x 30 min.

Directed by Sabine and Michael Ranocha, Barbara Krenn

Sabine & Michael Ranocha for ORF

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (DUBBED)
Format: 16:9

Job Description: Prostitution

Arbeitsfeld Prostitution

Prostitution - a sign of the failure of our culture today, or a completely normal part of social and economic life? Prostitution has been a part of society in every culture for hundreds of years - torn between social acceptance and proscription. Data on the consumption of sexual services is almost impossible to collect - the numbers are certain to be high.
This documentary illuminates the social and legal stigmatization of prostitutes and highlights the ambivalence between the fight to legalise the «industry» and the need to protect those forced into sex business. Where is the line between so-called sex workers, who prostitute themselves freely, and those who are forced into prostitution? How can the vicious circle of the sex trade with women, lured by promises of work as «hostesses» or «dancers», be broken? Can legalisation help?
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