The Fat-Story
Year: 1997
Run-Time: 1 x 45 min.


Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9

The Fat-Story

Die Fett-Story

Entire branches of industry have devoted themselves to making light products, "fat-free" artificial fat and miracle pills in the service of the slender cult. Large scale studios show that the consumption of fat has no direct connection with obesity or coronary illness. For fat is not just fat. The inhabitantzs of the Greek island of Crete are the healthiest Europeans with the highest longevity. At the same time they enjoy a lifestyle that includes rather a lot of fat. 40 percent of the calories they consume come from their high intake of olive oil. Greeks who left their country and moved to Australia 37 years ago, took on the local habits of nutrition and with them the local health statistics: they suffer more often from coronary illness, cancer and overweight. American studies also show that the body apparently gauges itself to its own individual set-point. If it gets too much energy, then it needs a lot, and vice versa. Many diets appear to fail because of the set-point. After following a low-energy level diet, the organism cannot readjust again to one that burns more energy. As a result, the kilograms shed with great hunger pains are frequently put back on again at a quick pace.
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