Andreas Hofer - Hero and Freedom Fighter
Year: 2017
Run-Time: 1 x 52 min.

Directed by Robert Neumüller
Written by Robert Neumüller

ORF, ZDF, RAI Südtirol and ARTE, produced by berlin producers and pre TV in association with BMB, Cine Tirol, Austrian TV Fund, IDM Südtirol and VAM
Available worldwide except for Germany, France and South Tyrol

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9

Andreas Hofer - Hero and Freedom Fighter

Andreas Hofer - Held wider Willen

It happened in 1809: with all Europe dominated by the military genius of Napoleon and his armies, in the remote alpine valleys of Austria one man tries to build up resistance with an army of volunteers. This is the unique story of Andreas Hofer, a simple innkeeper from Tyrol, then part of the Habsburg Empire. With brutal guerilla tactics his local militia forces and armed civilians drive back Napoleon's army and reconquer the occupied territories of his homeland.

After a year of struggle his Tyrolean peasant army is defeated by reinforced French troops. The rebellion is ended, Hofer executed. His death made him a legend, reawakened whenever it came to war against France - by the Habsburg Army in World War I, by the Nazis on the eve of World War II. 200 years later Andreas Hofer's picture can still be found in every Tyrolean village. But what is the real story behind the legend? For the first time this documentary shows the more complex European background to Hofer's story, based on research in French, German and Austrian archives.

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