Wunder gibt es immer wieder
Year: 2012
Run-Time: 1 x 45 min.

Directed by Alfred Schwarzenberger

Available worldwide

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)

Wunder gibt es immer wieder

Wunder gibt es immer wieder

The Virgin Maria is 1,65m tall, about 25 years old and no words can describe her beauty. At least that's what the catholic seer Salvatore says, to whom she appears every month in the sky of the carinthian village Bad St. Leonhard. At this occasion houndreds of believer pray full of joy. Although the local church doesn`t support this appearance and even warns against it. These kinds of «magic places» are getting more and more popular - while priests complain about empty churches. Marian apparitions, a mysterious cross on the field or relics with unexplainable powers turn god into a tangible matter. In the course of this documentary Alfred Schwarzenberger met a couple of people, to whom the Virgin Maria appears regular. Some conjure heavenly Angels through prayers, others tailor blanket with heal power or claim that they took a photograph of god.
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