Anna Netrebko - The East-West Diva
Year: 2010
Run-Time: 1 x 25 min.

Directed by Anna Mitrokhina

A co-production of ORF, Chernaja Belka and Two Points Studio Moscow
Available for German speaking Territories

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 16:9 , 16:9

Anna Netrebko - The East-West Diva

Anna Netrebko - Westöstliche Diva

Salzburg, summer 2002, Great Festival Hall: A petite, dark-haired figure storms onto the stage and the auditorium holds its breath. What a voice! A great soprano, with a velvety timbre delightfully shaded by a slightly throaty tone. In the German-speaking world at least, this «Don Giovanni» was the breakthrough of opera singer «Donna Anna» Netrebko. After countless standing ovations, stadium concerts, video shoots and CD recordings, Anna Netrebko is the undisputed global diva of the opera world. She has fundamentally changed the genre with her image as a modern, down-to-earth, beautiful woman in tune with the zeitgeist. Who lies behind the silvery, bubbling laughter, the childishly playful stage rehearsals and the ever friendly yet general answers to interview questions?

For almost a year the Russian director Anna Mitrokhina followed Netrebko with her camera between Krasnodar, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Moscow and New York exclusively for ORF. The resulting portrait shows Anna Jurjewna at home in her parents' garden in Krasnodar, where she sings folk songs with the family, on tour with her little son, Tiago, or cooking in her new apartment in Vienna. Her father, Yuri Netrebko, tells the viewer, «Right from kindergarten Anna was always the one who led everyone else in singing.» Massimo Giordano, the tenor, marvels at Netrebko's presence. «She has a very special energy and lives completely in the moment. This enables her to enter into an intense exchange of energy with the public.» The Diva herself confesses, «I always wanted to go on the stage. I really didn't mind what I did when I got there. The main thing was that I would be allowed on the stage.» 
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