Ludwig van Beethoven - String Quartets
Year: 1989
Run-Time: 1 x 569 min.

Directed by Directed for television by Hugo Käch

ORF in cooperation with the EMI record company

Languages: No linguistic content (ORIGINAL) , German (TEXT CONTENT)
Format: 4:3 , 4:3

Ludwig van Beethoven - String Quartets

Ludwig van Beethoven - Streichquartette

A recording of six concerts from the Konzerthaus, Vienna 1989.

Ludwig van Beethoven:
1st concert: op. 18/4, op. 131, op. 18/1
2nd concert: op. 18/3, op. 74, op. 130
3rd concert: op. 127, op. 59/1
4th concert: op. 18/2, op. 95, op. 132
5th concert: op. 18/5, op. 133, op. 59/2
6th concert: op. 18/6, op. 135, op. 59/3

Orchestra: Alban Berg Quartet
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