Karajan - Totensonntags-Concerts 1983/84/85
Year: 1987
Run-Time: 1 x 55 min.

A co-production of ZDF and Telemondial

Languages: No linguistic content (ORIGINAL) , German (DUBBED)
Format: 4:3

Karajan - Totensonntags-Concerts 1983/84/85

Karajan - Totensonntags-Konzerte 1983/84/85

In the 1980s, The «Totensonntags-Konzerte» (All Souls' Day Concerts) of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra marked the undisputed highlights of Berlin's concert life. Three times these magical moments of classical music were captured on video. In these three concerts, Karajan conducted works of two composers he had cherished for all his life: Richard Strauss and Anton Bruckner. All three of them - inspiring performances, brilliantly arranged and conducted as they are - have set a benchmark for all following generations of bandmasters.

1983: Richard Strauss "Alpensinfonie" ("An Alpine Symphony"), Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; 55 min.
1984: Richard Strauss "Tod und Verklärung" ("Death and Transfiguration"), op.24 and "Metamorphosen", Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; 58 min.
1985: Anton Bruckner Symphony No.9, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; 62 min.
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