Karajan - Herbert von Karajan Profile
Year: 1999
Run-Time: 1 x 89 min.

Directed by Gernot Friedel

Herbert von Karajan Centrum, Music Productions GmbH, RM-Associates and ORF in association with WDR/SWR

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (DUBBED)
Format: 16:9

Karajan - Herbert von Karajan Profile

Karajan - So kann die Welt nicht bleiben

In 1982 Karajan founded Telemondial, and with the best studio technicians he once again started to produce sound recordings. Next to important studio productions of popular concert repertoires Karajan decided to integrate some of his favourite operas like "Don Giovanni", "Don Carlos", "The Night of the Rose" or "Falstaff".

This film documentary by Gernot Friedl follows the life and work of the great conductor, revealing both his charisma - the Karajan phenomenon - and also the more controversial sides of his personality and musical approach. Extracts from opera and concert works by Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Bach, Puccini, Johann Strauss (the younger), Mahler, Verdi, Richard Strauss and Schonberg testify to the wide-ranging repertoire which Herbert von Karajan developed during his life as a conductor.

Available in 1x45 min / 1x61 min / 1x89 min.
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