The Gipfelzipfler
Run-Time: 1 x 25 min.

Directed by Harald Sicheritz
Written by Murmel Clausen

A co-production by MR-Film and ORF in association with Austrian Television Fund

Languages: German (ORIGINAL)

The Gipfelzipfler


Christian Tramitz and Roland Düringer as a very recently formed duo of folk musicians, hired on short notice:Frank needs the fee for the long-overdue lease on his car, and Mick has already told his friends and family - and especially his son - that his musical breakthrough is finally just around the corner.And so here they are, ready to enter folk music heaven.And absolutely nothing goes according to plan.Just before their appearance the writer of the song that they were due to sing refuses to let them perform it, blaming sudden differences with the group's manager, Damir.But there can be no turning back for Frank and Mick - the gig must go on no matter what.A little song, it'll almost write itself, right? The two musicians have loads of time to conjure up a potential hit song.Loads of time!Well, about four hours anyway. So they get down to work!Between rehearsals, costume problems, and even a police interrogation plus all kinds of artistic tensions, Frank and Mick work feverishly at their hit song.The clock is ticking and the gig looms ever closer.


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