Giulia Super
Year: 1991
Run-Time: 1 x 87 min.

Directed by Michael Cencig
Written by Michael Cencig


Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 4:3

Giulia Super

Giulia Super

Hemma, Roland and Stefano are all searching in their own particular way for the meaning of life. While Roland restores his dream car, Giulia Super, Hemma is searching, through photography, for a deeper meaning to her existence. The Italian Stefano runs his own restaurant - but is this the right thing for him?     
These three lonely individuals are torn between their feelings of friendship for each other and the haunting question of their existence. But when the mysterious Guilia suddenly appears one day, everything changes in an instant. She brings a sense of vitality back into their lives and together they decide to travel with the restored Guilia Super to their various places of birth. The journey takes them back to their families in Tyrol, Italy and Germany and a past which they had long ago left behind. Slowly Hemma, Roland and Stefano begin to recognise their purpose in life and when Giulia, who it turns out is not from this world, departs, they are left with a sense of closeness that they had never thought possible. Full of tranquillity and melancholy, Giulia Super is a parable of life.
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