C+M+B Project
Year: 1998
Run-Time: 1 x 90 min.


Languages: German (ORIGINAL)
Format: 4:3 , 4:3

C+M+B Project

Aktion C+M+B

The mishap starts its course early in the morning. The three "Holy Kings" sing their hastily learned song awkwardly and full of mistakes, while Marianne stays discreetly in the background. Many of the people they visit turn out to be ever poorer and more in need than the phony quartet itself. They even have to bring coal up from the cellar for one poor old woman, they have to change the mind of a drunken suicide candidate, and Marianne even runs to the nearest pharmacy for a women with chronic heart trouble. When she returns with the medicine, her children have disappeared. They were recognized by Philipp’s religion teacher and took flight. On her panicky search for the children Marianne runs into Mark, the suicide candidate, again. Meanwhile the police have taken up the chase as well, and even the social worker, Schwerkov (Marianne has a police record) – pitches in to help clear up the case. The chaos is perfect, and suddenly Marianne’s problems have more than multiplied. Only a Christmas miracle can help her now.
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