To Hell With It!
Year: 2018
Run-Time: 1 x 45 min.

Written by Oliver Baier

Produced by Gebhardt Productions and ORF

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (SUB TITLE)
Format: 16:9

To Hell With It!

Zur Hölle damit!

This quiz show concept in which two candidates compete with each other
in a completely new way and which incorporates people from the studio audience as temporary
players, marks a true innovation in terms of layout and game system and additionally
merges aspects of a quiz show and an entertainment show
with entertaining personalities and musical elements.
- Host
- Two candidates
- Two bodyguards
- The Sirens (male of female DJ + singer, living jingle)
- Studio audience

Zur Hölle damit! («To Hell With That!») is a 45-minute quiz show that is as fair as life itself in which two candidates compete for a game account that only one of them can command in the end.
The person who makes it to the foreground as an active candidate should avoid making mistakes as their opponent may immediately snatch the account and the game away from them again.

The person who achieves three correct answers first becomes an active candidate in the foreground. The other candidate remains in the background, «lurking».

Each round consists of four questions from the categories image riddles, odd rhymes, classic quiz questions, twisted words and tough riddles involving clues.
For every CORRECT answer, the active candidate receives money onto their game account. 
If they give a WRONG answer, the positions are immediately reversed, accompanied by vocals. The «lurking candidate» becomes the active candidate, taking over account balance and game. As soon as this candidate gives a WRONG answer, however, the positions are once again reversed.

In case a candidate doesn't know the correct answer, they can opt to skip a question once per round to maintain their position in the foreground which is important for the final round. If the active candidate says the words «zur Hölle damit!» («To Hell With That!»), a randomly selected person from the studio audience is given the chance to win the respective prize money. Should they succeed, the candidate loses the respective amount, but maintains their position in the foreground for the time being.
The candidate who manages to answer the last question of the last round correctly commands the account balance and moves on to the final round.
First, the possible win (20,000 EUR) is divided by the account balance (e.g. 4,000 EUR). The result yields the number or possible answers to the final question.

Example: 20,000/ 4,000 = 5
In this case, the candidate would receive a final question with FIVE possible answers.

If the candidate provides a CORRECT answer, they win the 20,000 EUR
If the candidate provides a WRONG answer, they lose everything.

If the candidate provides NO answer, they can attempt to at least save the account balance (4,000 EUR) for themselves. In such a case, however, the «lurking candidate» gets one more chance. 

Only if the «lurking candidate» provides a WRONG answer, the active candidate can keep the 4,000 EUR for themselves.

If the «lurking candidate» provides a CORRECT answer, the account balance is divided between the two.
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