Hohenems - Manhattan: The Skyscrapers of Ely Jaques Kahn
Year: 2017
Run-Time: 1 x 30 min.

Directed by Ingrid Bertel

A Co-production by ORF and KSR Filmproduktion

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (VOICE-OVER)
Format: 16:9

Hohenems - Manhattan: The Skyscrapers of Ely Jaques Kahn

Hohenems - Manhattan: Die Wolkenkratzer des Ely Kahn

His is not a name many people know, but his buildings in Manhattan are legendary: Ely Jacques Kahn. The architect has been building bridges between Europe and the USA for more than 50 years and his work encompasses everything from the development of the Wiener Moderne, or Viennese Modern Age, to the International Style. Kahn played a significant role in shaping the New York skyline, designing around 60 skyscrapers. His origins lie in the Jewish community in the Austrian town of Hohenems. In summer, around 200 descendants of the family met up in Vorarlberg to celebrate 400 years of the Jewish community there. Ingrid Bertel and Nikolai Dörler follow in the footsteps of this versatile artist.
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