You are a TV station or producer looking for professional archive material? ORF as a long established public broadcaster boasts an extensive, well-assorted archive which dates back to the 50s, ready for professional marketing. The ORF archive contains material on a huge variety of subjects such as high-quality nature and animal scenes, entertainment (shows, humorous shorts, etc.), news & current affairs, historical footage, science and travel clips, culture & tradition, folklore, aerial shots, sports, lifestyle, and anything else one can think of looking for. We offer personalized research service, providing quick and easy access to this inexhaustible resource.

We license all media rights (TV, online, mobile, audiovisual, non-theatrical, TV commercials, etc.).

For further inquiries and footage material please contact footagesales@orf.at or directly Mr. Alexander Gloeckl: alexander.gloeckl@orf.at, Ms. Elisabeth Dirnberger: elisabeth.dirnberger@orf.at or Ms. Dagmar Fleischhacker: dagmar.fleischhacker@orf.at

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