Kenya: Big Five - Last Five?
It seems to be a true paradise, and it is a stunning adventure for everybody who experiences his first safari in one of Africa's national parks. The foreigners' focus is mainly on the «Big Five«. Will they be found? Will they be seen? Buffalo, Elefant, Rhino, Lion and even Leopard...? With stunning pictures from air and ground this film explores the most exciting landscapes of Kenya and its wildlife. It shows that not only losing one of the »Big Five« would cause a sobering loss. Kenya's wildlife blooms due to its rich diversity. But it is an unstable diversity which could also brush away other iconic animals like the Grevy's zebras or the wild dogs in short term.
Vietnam - From Green Hell to Green Paradise
This unique land offers ecological diversity and exotic wildlife, some of its animals discovered only a few years ago; a land torn into pieces, burned and destroyed - but now on its way to become paradise again: this is Vietnam. More than 3.000 kilometers of amazing coastline connect the country with the fascinating waterworld of the South Chinese Sea. In the North, where the water is cooler, some of the world's richest Coral reefs can be found. The mountainous regions up in Vietnam's northern parts hide last biological mysteries: some species have been observed for the first time only in our generation.
Istria - a secret destination, turned by its isolation into a hidden sanctuary for the wildlife of Southern Europe, a steep Adriatic karst labyrinth in today's Croatia. Fieldfare thrushes, crowded in bushes at the edge of forests, fire demoralising digestive missiles rearwards from their behinds, a persuasive deterrent to predators. And predators there are, though the short-toed eagles are paying more attention to the rodents gambolling on the burning rocks, while griffon vultures bide their time in the updraughts, waiting for the spoils. This is a theatre of life in layers. Layered in time too. When darkness comes wild boar snuffle through the forest past a deserted village. Autumn is hog heaven here, the time of the truffles. But hogs avoid the village, because here there be wolves, among the roots in the abandoned cellars, gliding past the trunks rearing from windows. The whole wolf pack lives here. Noone comes near, save mother bears in the springtime, exploring with their cubs.
Seefeld - Tyrolean Wonderland

Part I: Realm of the Peregrine Falcon

Part II: Managing Mountains

In February 2019, Seefeld hosts the year's biggest winter sports event: the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. Seefeld lies at the heart of Tyrol, surrounded by the most beautiful and wildest Alpine peaks. The diversity of the landscape is breathtaking: primeval forests, rushing rivers, rocky peaks, pastures and waterfalls, as well as innumerable lakes and moors. Higher elevations are home to ibex, chamois and rock partridges, while Western capercaillies and grey-headed woodpeckers inhabit the forests.

Helmut Lang
Helmut Lang, one of the most creative and imaginative fashion designers of the 1990s, is known for his minimalism and androgynous looks in this creations. His fashion had big impact on the role model of women and men.

Scene of the Crime - Defenseless

The body of the head of the police academy is discovered. At first everything points towards suicide with his own service weapon, especially as his wife has been found dead on the top floor of the building. It seems he beat her to death in the heat of the moment. But the autopsy paints a whole other picture. The projectile in his chest wasn't fired from his own weapon; yet the type of bullet is a police-only issue. That means the perpetrator is most likely from his own ranks. Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner's investigations at the police academy dig up some extremely suspicious facts.

Awesome Animals
Tomcat Kurt accompanies us on an exciting journey through the fascinating world of animals. Children get to know native and exotic wild animals in an entertaining way, and also learn all about popular and unusual pets: their abilities, their characteristics, their needs and their habitat. The encounter between humans and animals plays an essential role. As zookeeper assistants, children experience work with animals at first hand and also get an insight into the work at a veterinary practice. They get to know the specific characteristics of the animals, as well as what is important for respectful and harmonious interaction with them. One important element of the show is the active involvement with viewers at home. Children are encouraged to to ask questions or to participate by sending in video clips that show them in action with their own pets or favorite animals. An unforgettable TV experience with animals for youngsters of all ages!
Jewel of the Elephant Coast
South Africa's Isimangaliso National Park, which in the Zulu language simply means «wonder», is home to the so-called «big five»- elephants, rhinoceroses, buffaloes, lions and leopards. Covering 3,280 km2 (2,038 square miles) right alongside the sea, this «wonderland» offers incomparable biodiversity with a correspondingly wide range of species in its extensive wetlands, swamps, savannah and coastal forests. Opening up the region to eco-tourism is not just intended to benefit the local economy; it is also the central strategy for sustainable development and nature conservation. Isimangaliso was listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 1999.
The Elephant Kings
The 300 square kilometre Tembe Elephant Park on the border between South Africa and Mozambique is one of the few safe havens for the so-called «Great Tuskers»- bull elephants with gigantic tusks. The sanctuary was established in 1983 and opened to the public in 1991. Rhinoceroses, lions, leopards and buffaloes live alongside the elephant kings in the park. The local community runs the park autonomously, opens it for tourists and runs a lodge.
Venice and the Ghetto
2016 sees the 500th anniversary of one of the most far-reaching inventions of the modern age: the Ghetto. Founded in Venice, it took what became its notorious name from a disused copper foundry. The birth of the Ghetto represents in many respects a turning point in the history of the Jewish people. The idea of the ghetto comprised three key features: the compulsion for the Jews to settle there, their strict separation from the rest of the Population and their imprisonment within walls and locked gates.
Backwoods Crimes - Midsummer Night's Murder
An old dairymaid leaves a tarot card on a wooden table in an alpine meadow. The small group for whom the cards are being laid gazes in awe at the «death» card. A little later, a young woman is found dead in a hollow in the alpine mountains, but when the police reach the rough terrain, the body has disappeared without a trace. The victim is a German tourist. Before her death, it seems, she gave an organist a lot of money as a donation towards building his organ tower. His girlfriend was incredibly jealous, as she always was whenever he won a tourist's heart with his music. But she isn't the only suspect. The tourist's huband wasn't happy with the alliance either. He suspects the organist of having killed his wife and taken all the money. Everybody suspects everyone else. Nobody seems to put their cards on the table, not even the inspector who is expected to solve the case. Soon another tarot card is revealed on the mountain meadow, but which one?
Backwoods Crimes - Final Settlement
Commissario Höllbacher made a mistake he can't forget. But at least he wants to try to put everything behind him: the case and vain public prosecutor Nicoletti, who dragged the commissario into the glare of publicity. Höllbacher retires to a quieter post in his home town of Merano where he lives in the former tailor's workshop his late mother ran. His old friend Verginer takes care of him. They talk, drink and even laugh from time to time. At work Höllbacher is written off as a burn-out case. Then a couple are shot in the centre of Merano. She was the famous chairwoman of an Austrian bank. A terrorist background is suspected. Chief Commissioner Thaler calls the once so successful Commissario Höllbacher for help, but he wants nothing to do with the investigations - until Nicoletti interferes in the case. That's the moment Höllbacher knows he no longer has a choice.
Scene of the Crime - Shock
The team of investigators at Vienna's Federal Criminal Police Office is faced with an unusually delicate task: Lieutenant-Colonel Moritz Eisner and his colleague, Major Bibi Fellner, aren't supposed to solve a murder case, but rather prevent one. A young man has kidnapped his parents and in an open message has threatened to harm his mother and father - both highly respected members of society - and himself. Public interest in the events is huge. What's more, the young man always seems to be one step ahead of the investigators and successfully avoids being arrested. He skillfully influences public opinion about himself by using the social media and effectively directs his critical messages at the prevailing social system. Eisner and Feller are closing in on the young man and get into a spiral of public pressure, intense conflicts with each other, and growing inner doubts. The longer the feverish hunt lasts, the clearer it becomes that the culprit isn't working alone. He must have accomplices that support him and his activities. The trail leads to a network of radical activists classified as extremist by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.
Backwoods Crimes - All About Uku
Roli and Ferdinand waylay those who think they are safe on the Höhenstraße, the dividing line between the city and the countryside. As their night shifts are only just bearable with alcohol, the quality of their unauthorized assumption of authority drops the later it gets. In the end the interrogation of a young black African and his Austrian friend results in a totally unplanned arrest - with unexpected consequences.
Guglielmo Tell
In summer 2016 one of the most famous overtures by Gioacchino Rossini was performed in Erl, Austria - that of his last opera, Guglielmo Tell (William Tell).
And since, as is well known, the Accademia di Montegral is also a bel canto academy, the entire opera and with it a multifaceted cosmos of musical highlights were also presented. From the five solo cellists at the start of the overture, and the famous galloping march, to the great prayer of thanksgiving at the end of the opera, not only does Rossini create a supposedly
Swiss panorama of nature and the free spirit of the titular hero, but also revolutionises the operatic genre itself. Rossini's «Tell» is the highpoint of the «Opera seria» and the starting point of an almost 100-year tradition of great romantic operas.
Natascha Kampusch - 10 Years after her dramatic Escape
Her destiny made headlines around the globe: 1998 abducted on the way to school, Natascha Kampusch had disappeared without a trace. On August 23rd 2006, eight and a half years after her disappearance, the 18-year old girl succeeded to escape from the prison of her torturer Wolfgang Priklopil. Ten years after of her dramatic escape ORF presents a new documentary, following Natascha Kampusch on her difficult way back into a normal life. 50 minutes consisting of exclusive interviews and touching archive material as well as intimate scenes of her private life allow the viewer to sympathize very closely her attempt to fight against conspiracy and hostility. "During the past decade, I only felt free in a few moments. After I've returned home from captivity, I returned into a life in prison - a prison full of judgments and convictions." ORF's Chrstoph Feurstein has exclusively interviewed Natascha Kampusch, her family and friends., gaining insight into her daily life and accompanying her during her riding lesson, at work at a goldsmith and her return to the place of her captivity - the house of Wolfgang Priklopil - for the first time.
Bastion of the Giants

«Bastion of the Giants» takes the world into an engrossing journey of the lives of Asian Elephants, and the stunning bio-diverse North Eastern jungles of India around the river Brahmaputra. The challenges of the survival of the Asian Elephant and other endangered species including Bengal Tigers, Indian Rhinos and more, with intense human animal conflicts as human populations explode around these ecological hotspots and ancient elephant lands. Can India, a nation steeped in spirituality, save its forests in these times of species extinction and climate crises.

Gober - On the Fate of an Orang-Utan Mother

Over the course of years, we follow the dramatic life of Gober, the orang-utan mother. This is a scarcely believable but true story from Sumatra, the large Indonesian island. Gober is first noticed by conservationists when she struggles to meet her daily nutritional needs. It soon becomes clear that she is suffering from creeping sight loss, and her daughter will still be dependent on her for years to come. The observers are all the more astounded when the little one eventually begins to take care of herself and her mother. Her desperate search for food takes her ever more frequently to the oil palm plantations. However, hungry orang-utans find little sympathy in this death zone. In view of their declining prospects of survival, the conservationists see only one option: to bring the two of them to a rescue centre. However, the daughter will not let herself be captured and remains behind in the forest. But who can take away the pain of an intelligent and sensitive orang-utan at the loss of her child? Out of sympathy, Gober is allowed to become pregnant again. The father is another blind orang-utan who was shot at on a plantation and who now too is eking out his life in a cage. That Gober is an excellent mother is demonstrated when she brings twins into the world in the centre. Her cataracts are removed in an operation and, with the return of her eyesight, Gober sees her two children for the first time. And that is not all. The reintroduction to the wild in one of the last safe forests in Sumatra is possible. However completely unexpectedly, her son shies away from the wilderness. Will Gober suffer another tragic loss of a child - or is it finally a stroke of good fortune? In front of the eyes of her rescuers, her daughter conquers the tops of the jungle giants alongside her mother - as if they had always been her home.

Let's Talk about Land
The documentary accompanies Palestinians and their Israeli supporters protesting against Israeli settlements, which are built on Palestinian land. The film shows the then 14-year-old Israeli Ben, who was convinced that the two peoples should live together in one state. Today Ben is studying cognitive science and tells why he refused to do military service and what he now thinks of both peoples possibly sharing land and resources. The now 24-year-old Palestinian Ahmad underwent a trauma therapy nine years ago. Now he relates the fate of his brother locked up in an Israeli prison and his dreams of the future.
On the Run

26 year old cameraman Abdulmajid Raslan filmed the turmoil of war in Syria which made him the Assad government's as well as ISIS terrorists' sworn enemy. When his father was deeply injured by a sniper and his wife was expecting their child, Abdulmajid drew up a plan: he decided to pave his way to Europe with his father before reunifying the family there.  But the way to Europe is a treacherous trail. An odyssey and a race against time begin as ISIS is getting closer and closer. Abdulmajid Raslan filmed the most important stations during this exceptional
journey and shows a breathtaking report from the perspective of a war refugee.

Quiz Safari
Beastly good entertainment is a safe bet in this funny and exciting quiz show with its many tricky questions from the animal kingdom, where both adults and children can put "animal" knowledge and quickness to the test. We will also visit these fascinating animals in the zoo, such as the banded mongoose, which can crack eggs with a very special trick.
The Vienna Boys' Choir - A Polyphonic Youth
Angelic voices in sailor suits: That's the image of the Vienna Boys' Choir rooted in the minds of people
around the world. On sold-out concert tours they delight the masses. Their performance at the
Vienna New Year's Concert reaches an audience of billions. In Austria they are part of the cultural identity
anyway. Yet hardly anyone can imagine what the not quite normal everyday life of a Vienna Choir
Boy is like.The documentary «The Vienna Boys' Choir -- A Polyphonic Youth» shows a very special
point of view: From the perspective of a Choir Boy.
Kottan's Investigations
Major Kottan is a homicide investigator with the Vienna police. Together with his colleagues, the one-legged Schremser and the simple-minded Schrammel, he solves cases marked by unusual circumstances and bizarre phenomena. While their superior, megalomaniac Chief Constable Pilch, makes their life and work even more difficult, Kottan unsuccessfully fiddles with his second career as a bandleader.
"Kottan's Investigations" always borders on highly charged parody and socio-critical aspiration. After all, who would expect that between everyday police work and gangland bosses one has to deal with coffee vending machines with artificial intelligence, UFO sightings or crocodile attacks? 12 episodes full of unruly corpses and absurd investigations, in short: crazy TV anarchy.
The Secret Life of Snakes
They are among the most hated und feared animals on the planet - only few people recognize their beauty. This documentary features some of Europe's most stunning species, like the European adder, the nose-horned viper, the dice snake, the ringed snake and the Aesculapian snake. After a winter safe in burrows, sometimes in bundles of hundreds, the spring's warmth brings them back to life. Adders at 2,000 metres in the Alps have extra survival skills: they are almost pitch-black to absorb every last ray from the sun, and their offspring are born alive - it would be too cold for eggs. Storks and herons, martens and polecats predate their lower altitude cousins. Most snakes avoid humans. The Aesculapian snake likes to shimmy up trees to catch birds, but it's happiest where humans store grain or dump waste - that attracts lots of mice. And Europe has its own constrictor! So watch out next time you're walking in the park ...
The Art of War
On the outskirts of Vienna, a Turkish businessman has been murdered. To Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner, the cruelty of the perpetrators suggests that the man was involved with organised crime. In the course of the investigation, Eisner meets a young Ukrainian woman who has been a white slave in the house of the victim for years, and the investigators seem to be on to a gang of human traffickers. When among the associates of the murder victim a violent pimp just released from prison shows up, the case takes a surprising twist, which could be fatal for the two investigators.
Giants of the Atlantic - Azores

It's a gigantic underwater mountain range, rising in the mid-Atlantic. Only a few peaks can be seen near the surface, yet some reach even higher to build nine green gems: the Azores Islands. These volcanic rocks, the only toehold between Europe and America, are of extra- ordinary beauty. The Azores' steep shelves are a play- and mating ground for several kinds of whales. Here, groups of male sperm whales meet females on their never-ending journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Humpback whales and gray whales break the surface but blue whales  also come to feed from the vast biomass produced in the ocean's depths. Drifting up from the deep, plankton and krill attract huge schools of fish and squid. Portuguese Men o' War drift threateningly on the surface, while undersea caves host cannibalistic shrimps, manta rays and moray eels. On the islands, the grassy craters of the volcanoes are a winter home to songbirds from Iceland, Russia and North America, while their rocky outer walls form nests for vast colonies of Cory's Shearwaters.

High Life at Low Temperatures
The summits and sheer mountain ridges of Austria's 'Little Siberia' funnel the freezing air from snow-covered peaks into a gigantic hollow - a high-level Plateau at 1,000 metres from which it cannot escape: Lungau is Austria's coldest region. Creeks and streams start higher here, and create bogs, moors and countless alpine lakes. Summer is short but lively, as eagles rear their precious chicks and ermines eat their fill before the sparse winter returns, while black alpine salamanders give birth to live miniature versions of themselves beneath the tree-line.
The Canary Islands

Part I: Currents of Life
Part II: The World of the Fire Mountains

These are the Canary Islands - isolated in the Atlantic Ocean off the North-west coast of Africa. Each island is unique with a variety of landscapes and climates - temperate coastlines, scorching deserts, tropical rainforests and frozen, snowcapped mountains. With features of a small continent, supporting one of the richest and most diverse ranges of native species on the planet.

Part I: Currents of Life - Wind and Water transported pioneer seeds, insects and animals to the isolated landmasses, defined the diversity and distribution of life and created microclimates to which
many species adapted, some evolving unique features to survive in these lands. Encounters with eccentric birds and with majestic whales!

Part II: Life on the Edge highlights the ability to survive under the impacts of the modern world, and
explores the islands' natural history, focusing on the fragile balance of life on the edge of extinction in
raw landscapes of spectacular beauty. Here, one lizard species was saved by baby seagulls!

The Grey and the Red - Secrets of Squirrels

Everybody loves squirrels, and yet we only know them from their brief visits to ground level. Now, extraordinary HD storytelling shows them in their own environment: high up in the treetops. This documentary examines their intelligence and explores the deadly struggle for dominance between the two main species. The cute and cuddly russet acrobats are so clever they're drawing increased attention from scientists. Indeed, as they face extinction, they now depend on These scientists for their survival. Grey squirrels from North-America are spreading fast across Europe, displacing the native red squirrel.

This documentary charts both their lovable antics and the life-and-death struggle for survival of an animal that still has plenty of secrets to reveal. It observes a family of red squirrels over the course of a year, as they mate, care for their young, and battle for food and against predators.

Turtle Hero
Like any young boy, Peter Praschag loved animals and wanted a pet, but not a cat or a dog. His passion was for cold-blooded reptiles, his heart was set on turtles. Today, he is a world expert on freshwater turtles and a leading conservationist. One species in particular has become an obsession: not only is it the largest freshwater turtle on the planet, it is also probably the rarest animal on Earth. Only three Yangtze Soft-shell Giant turtles are positively known to exist. A male and a female in China and a third in a lake in Vietnam.

With help from experts, Peter hopes to capture that last wild individual and he may yet help to save another species from extinction! The film visits India and Bangladesh too, showing Peter safeguarding astonishingly varied examples of the oldest and most endangered vertebrates on Earth.
Making an Ancient Forest - Kalkalpen National Park
What if we could turn back the clock and restore Nature to her virgin state? In the Kalkalpen National Park - these steep limestone mountains in the heart of Austria - precisely this decision has been taken. However, the intention is not to destroy, but to recreate. The forest managers stepped down and let nature's own management take over. This opens the door for new life, the variety of trees and herbs grows, the forests again attract wild animals which had left the commercial woods: lynx, pygmy owls, woodpeckers, so many different caterpillars - and the fascinating ichneumon wasp.
Suburbia - Women on the Edge
Five women, whose biggest challenge so far has been surviving their daily hour-long luxus shopping tours burning up their husband's credit cards, are taken by complete surprise when suddenly one of them is divorced by her husband and thrown out of the house.

Instantly the remaining BFFs realize that the same could happen to them - and their survival instinct awakens. How convenient that their husbands - all businessmen with a quite strong inclination towards corruption - are planning a big deal using their ignorant wives. What the men don't know is that their wives are setting out to turn the tables. Never would they suspect having unleashed a bunch of beautiful beasts...

Sensational Market Shares in Austria: 36% 12-49!

The Rosetta Mission
In 2014 the breathtaking landing of the Rosetta Mission on a comet unveils most secrets about our existence and the genesis of the solar system. After a 10-year-journey straight across the universe the space probe «Rosetta» finally landed its robot «Philae» on the comet Tschurjumov-Gerassimenko. With this major mission scientists anticipate to get long-desired information about our existence and the sun system's evolution. This mission and many other upcoming explorations of ESA and NASA will lead to future missions, such as the return to the Moon and later, scheduled for 2030 on to Mars. Within the last 50 years of Space Exploration NASA and ESA achieved successfully after the spectacular moonlanding in 1969, several groundbreaking robotic landings on most Planets of our solar system and to «populate» the near Earth orbit with the human technological masterpiece - the International Space Station - ISS. In fact our daily life also depends irreplaceably on satellites and digital communication via space. This film tells the story of an adventurous mission of 50 years of European space history in association with ESA and NASA filming on location in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and France.
The Caliphate's Children

More and more young people from Austria leave to fight for ISIS and are fascinated by the ideology of terror. 150 are already in Syria and Iraq, the youngest are barely 16. Around 2000 Austrian citizens sympathize with the radical ideas of the Jihadists, most of them are without prospects.


Nicole Kampl and Florian Matscheko came across these young people during their research in social media networks, and take a look at who these people are, where they come from and why they move.

Conchita - Unstoppable

»My Music, my conviction, my life as an artist»- The documentary accompanies Conchita Wurst - the Queen of Austria and winner of the ESC 2014 through her time after her overwhelming victory and the preparation for the upcoming ESC 2015.  The documentary gives a very personal insight into Conchita's way of fulfilling her dreams and her ambitious aim of winning a Grammy. Be it the recording of her new album, international performances of Conchita at concerts, talk shows, gay prides around the world, the famous Golden Globes or the legendary debut at the «Crazy Horse» show in Paris.

«Conchita Wurst - The Unstoppable» shows how the Queen of Austria manages to reconcile her tight schedule and thereby always remains faithful to herself and her convictions.

The Nosy Brothers
Felix has been trying to cope with his life since his wife passed away as a result of a diving accident on their honeymoon. But then he is hit by another fateful blow. His father, Wilhelm, a private investigator by profession, dies of a heart attack during a surveillance operation. Reading his will, Felix discovers that there is another son, one who does not follow the rules of the family. Their father's will make the two very different half-brothers joint owners of the detective agency. When they visit the premises, they are drawn into their first case - actually their father's last. And somehow the two of them discover that they enjoy detective work - even though Felix would prefer to approach the case more analytically, rather than intuitively, like Ronnie.
This new 10-part crime-series amazes with a huge portion of comedy and charm at the same time.
The Wildlife Orphanage
Normally animal shelters are the last refuge for unfortunate creatures. But in Namibia, Southern Africa, there is a different kind of shelter: a ten thousand hectare orphanage - a haven for wildanimals. The residents are rather exotic- lions, baboons and cheetahs. The two-legged stars of the series are the volunteers. Their tasks are rather unusual too: driving straight into the bush to feed lions and cheetahs, taking daily walks with a hoard of crazy baboons,capturing runaway meerkats and learning how to bottle-feed leopard cubs and 440 pound rhino babies.
Europe's Last Nomads
A spectacular ancient tradition is being revived right across Europe: shepherds leading flocks across the continent through the most savage and extreme landscapes. From Spain's legendary La Mancha plains, the last cowboys of this continent and their cattle migrate into the green highlands of Cuenca. In Romania sheep climb the Carpathian Mountains, all the way to the Ukrainian border, constantly under threat from wolves. On a Welsh island, migrating sheep even generate a habitat for rare birds.

Simon Polt, a country constable who has taken voluntary retirement lives a quiet life since he has left the police force. He shares his life with his girlfriend and is following a new path in the Wiesbach valley. The only officer of the peace he keeps in touch with is Norbert Sailer. But fate wouldn't let him keep his distance for too long: an unidentified body is found and his peaceful new world's carefully preserved balance is shattered.

Available worldwide except for Germany and France

Attention - A Life in Extremes
Modern day heroes, people who stand out from the crowd through their special skills and extraordinary adventurism to risk the physical and mental transgression of limits. But what makes the heroes do this? Which career did those people experience, who are at the alleged head of a socially recognized elite popularity? Which events, thoughts and goals made people to adventurers? And are these heroes really as self-determined as it seems at first sight?
This film, which is based on the stories of three extraordinary men, will give an unusual perspective on the conditions and the extremely increasing expressions of our modern society. The film-team accompanies a wingsuit flyer, a freediver and an extreme cyclist in their ambitious plan to reach the top of the sports world. They fly along craggy cliffs, dive without oxygen equipment in the depths of sea and compete during inconceivably exhausting cycling tours an evidence of the undreamed performance of the human body.
Braunschlag is a more or less idyllic place in Austria, whose inhabitants are a league of their own. Among others there's a former beauty queen, a UFO landing site operator, a pair of weird doctors and the governor's nephew. Gerhard Tschach, mayor of Braunschlag, has a problem. After several failed business ventures, his town is bankrupt. This is why he and his best friend, club-owner Richard Pfeisinger, decide to fake a Martian apparition, to make tourists flood the ailing town and to aim for financial recovery. Braunschlag starts to flourish, but the two hard-drinking men soon lose control. Somewhere between the locals' delusions, pressure from the state capital, intractable marital problems and the Vatican, the situation escalates - and the miracle of Braunschlag quickly turns into a disaster.
Fast Forward
Angelica Fast is in her mid-thirties, a divorced single mother - and a successful investigator at Vienna's criminal investigation department. The good-looking young woman handles the balancing act between her job and parental duties with humour. Even if her teenage twins keep her on her toes, she goes all out for the pursuit of criminals. That professional and private life isn't always separable, is not least due to her ex-husband, the chief of forensics. Teasing is part of her daily routine, and it may well happen, that their children's upbringing is discussed on the crime scene. There is no room for sentimentality in all this - Angelica Fast knows what she wants and always keeps the facts in sight.
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