Year: 2016
Run-Time: 25 x 12 min.

Written by Thomas Brezina

Tower10 KidsTV for ORF

Languages: German (ORIGINAL) , English (SUB TITLE)
Format: 16:9

Awesome Animals

Tolle Tiere

Tomcat Kurt accompanies us on an exciting journey through the fascinating world of animals. Children get to know native and exotic wild animals in an entertaining way, and also learn all about popular and unusual pets: their abilities, their characteristics, their needs and their habitat. The encounter between humans and animals plays an essential role. As zookeeper assistants, children experience work with animals at first hand and also get an insight into the work at a veterinary practice. They get to know the specific characteristics of the animals, as well as what is important for respectful and harmonious interaction with them. One important element of the show is the active involvement with viewers at home. Children are encouraged to to ask questions or to participate by sending in video clips that show them in action with their own pets or favorite animals. An unforgettable TV experience with animals for youngsters of all ages!

Awards: WorldMedia Festival 2017: WorldMedia Festival Award Awards: WorldMedia Festival 2017: WorldMedia Festival Award

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